Gas chromatograph GC9790PLUS

Only carries gas EPC, other similar with/superior to GC9790II.


Gas chromatograph GC9790PLUS spec:

  1. System capability
  • Assembly simultaneously: max 2 inlets+ max 3 detectors(FID, TCD, ECD, FPD and NPD)
  • Automatic control can be done from local keyboard and networked PC
  • Autosampler is compatible
  • 6-channel independent temperature control
  1. EPC/AFC gas system
  • Carrier gas via EPC/AFC, auxiliary gas via AFS(Advanced Flow Scout) or mechanical regulator
  • Carrier gas and make-up gas selectable: He, H2, N2 and Ar. Every carrier gas system can control via constant-pressure, constant-flow, programmable pressure and programmable flow mode, also can calibrate with He, H2, N2 and Ar
  • Psi, KPa, Bar units selectable
  • Pressure control range: 1~90Psi, Pressure accuracy: 0.01Psi, Programmable pressure ramp RSD ≤0.5%
  • Flow rate control range: 0~200ml/min, flow rate accuracy: 0.1ml/min, flow rate RSD≤0.1%
  1. Column oven
  • Column oven dimension: 260×250×150mm
  • control range: RT+6℃~399℃(0.1℃ increment)
  • Programming temp.-ramp : 8 steps
  • ramp speed: 0.1~40℃≤1 minute(0.1℃ increment)
  • Fast cool down speed: 200~100℃≤3 minutes
  • accuracy: ±0.1℃
  • Max run time: 999.99 minutes
  1. Inlets
  • Packed purge injection port(PPIP)
  • Split/splitless capillary port(S/SL)
  • Max temperature: 400℃
  1. Detectors

DetectorMax operating temp.
Limit of detection
Baseline noise
Baseline drift
(after 2hrs stabilization)
Linear dynamic range
≤2×10^-13 A
5×10^-13A/30 min
350℃≤ 1×10^-13g/ml
400℃S: ≤5.0×10^-11g/s
P: ≤1.4×10^-12g/s


≤4×10^-11 A/30min
S: ≥10^2
P: ≥10^3
400℃N: ≤1×10^-12g/s(Azobenzene)
P: ≤5×10^-13g/s(Malathion)
2×10^-12 A/30min
N: ≥10^3
P: ≥10^3

  1. Workstation and data communications
  • Counter-control workstation
  • Output range: -1500~+1500mV
  • Sampling speed: 60 times/sec
  1. Basic info
  • Voltage: 220V±10%, 50Hz
  • Power: 2500W
  • Net dimension:  566.2×3×498mm
  • Net weight: 42KG