About Fuli instruments:

Manufacturer of gas chromatograph, HPLC and spectrophotometer.

Recognized as number one gas chromatograph manufacturer in China. Fuli Instruments start to design, develop and manufacture analytical instruments for a broad range of applications from 1998. Fuli product include gas chromatograph, high performance liquid chromatography(HPLC), atomic absorption spectrophotometer, uv/vis spectrophotometer, GC/LC column, gas valve/regulator and other chromatography consumables. Fuli instruments have 29 branch companies throughout China mainland with fast-response sales and after-service network. Fuli instruments already export to more than 30 countries and have more than 60 overseas distributors from India, Pakistan, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Hungary, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, etc.


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Gas chromatograph


The most advanced GC from FULI.


Only carries gas EPC, other similar with/superior to GC9790II.


The most popular GC from FULI


The simplest gas chromatograph.


Atomic absorption spectrophotometer

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